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 How it works:

-Twin Bed Listings (Coed, Male, Female Dorms) are in shared Dorm Style Rooms

-Dorm Rooms will not exceed half capacity at this time.

-Specifically Listed Private Rooms #1 & #2 are in a smaller cozier rooms

with a full sized bed.

-All rooms are w/ shared bathrooms, a full communal kitchen, dining room lounge, movie room, & laundry facilities.

-2 Night Stay Minimum

-1 Day Advanced Notice

Looking for something in particular? 

Inquiring about a group stay? Have a gig here and need an extended stay?

Independent touring cyclist passing through?

Contact Us!

We are most responsive to email as we are not holding

regular desk hours at this time.

(Email Tip of the Day:  Please personalize emails

so they do not end up in the spam folder)  |  Tel: 1-716-852-5222


ID/No Locals Policies:  All Guests & Travelers are required to show valid gov't identification with an address from outside the Buffalo/Erie County region--Sorry No Locals.