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3d Sculptures

Virtual Reality Sculpted 3D Prints
Shawn Chiki

Conjured Reality


Additional VR Sessions:

Thursday April 28th



***Make an appointment for a Virtual Reality session

to enter one of the 3D worlds of your choice***

(Sessions run roughly 40-45minutes)






BOX is elated to announce our next show:

Conjured Reality, the 3D creations of Shawn Chiki

Opening Reception:

Saturday March 5th
w/ accompanying sounds by Icky Reels


Conjured Reality is a series of playful architectural experiments sculpted inside of virtual-reality multiplayer experiences. New forms, spaces, and structures are designed to bridge into our physical world, wielding FDM 3D printing technology to spawn the digital ideas into tangible, physical objects.


Shawn Chiki is a Canadian/American multimedia artist forever bouncing between cities, collaborations, and experiments rooted in Buffalo NY, and Toronto. A formal education in architectural design and media set the foundations for experience building in both physical and digital spaces. Always evolving in their practices, Chiki chases the unexplored with a tendency for maximalism, abstraction, creative storytelling, and unbound energy.

Chiki is currently an educator at BCAT (Buffalo Center for Arts & Technology) and UB Department of Architecture.



Icky Reels

From Cleveland to Buffalo, Adrian Bertolone aka Ay Fast // ICKY REELS// is a solo artist, Producer/DJ for BEANS (Antipop Consortium) who recently released a solo album Plips in October.

Reviews from Plips:
"Supersonic swirls, wild beats spinning madly, warped voices and tings, the Top 10 pop tunes run amok... beautiful jagged music..." -Foxy Digitalis

"Distinct production techniques... scattered dream sequences sparking into and out of focus... an engaging, mind-altering exploratory sojourn." -Igloo Magazin



Shawn Lewis

Icky Reels

BOX Gallery is located within Hostel Buffalo & is committed to showing work by local artists further enriching & connecting the Hostel to the community.

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