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There is on-street parking available in front of the hostel on Main Street, behind us on Washington Street, and (recommended) on St. Michael's Place.

It is free on weekends and weekday evenings after 5pm till 8 or 9am depending on the spot.

***PLEASE NOTE: City Winter Parking Restrictions are in effect from November 15th to April 1st. During this time, you cannot park on a "bus routes" between 1:30AM - 7:00AM & know the Bus Routes are not well marked by City Parking Authority (they wouldn't agree with that statement but its true)***


This means DO NOT PARK OVERNIGHT on Pearl St or the ODD Side of Washington St (which is the side that the Church and Post Office is on)--However, the even side of Washington St is OK but meters are only hourly during weekday business hours.


WE RECOMMEND PARKING on ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE (The small street along side the church)

During the weekdays it becomes paid parking from 8am - 5pm for either $2 dollars an hour or $4 dollars for all day (in front of post office behind us on Washington St (coin op) & along side St. Michael's Church on St. Michael's Place (meter takes cards))

*Pro-Tip-- if you are planning on spending the weekday with your car parked the following day, we strongly recommend parking overnight behind the Hostel on St Michael's Place (along side of the church)! This is so you get the day parking for $4/all day (meters take cards) as in the morning they are the first to fill up by downtown workers.

You can also download the parking app "Buffalo Roam" but it does require you to put $10 minimum on it.

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